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  Virtual Bangladesh I wonder! For some time people have been telling me to put my pen where my mouth is. Just some musing on some of the issues that are going on in Bangladesh. Questions that come to the mind, question to which I do not find any answers. Perhaps the same questions come to you mind?    
  Virtual Bangladesh Virtual Bangladesh is an award winning site about the beautiful nation of Bangladesh. Here, one will find almost everything there is to know about Bangladesh. From her history and geography, to her culture, language and literature. From images and sounds that describe the beauty of this nation to little known esoteric facts. Welcome and be charmed by the beauty that is Bangladesh. Born 1994, Virtual Bangladesh has the distinction of being the first comprehensive site on Bangladesh on the web.    
  The Daily Star The Daily Star starting from small beginnings in 1991 with a circulation of a few thousand, The Daily Star has become, over the years, the highest circulated, most respected credible newspaper of Bangladesh. To cater to the widest spectrum of the reading public. The Internet Edition was launched in August of 1997.    






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