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To some they are just names though to others they mean so much more. Each was a colossus in their own right. Through their contributions they nurtured and raised the profile of their respective domain. Time is a great healer however, that said, one cannot but remember with fond affection the ever-lasting mark they left on sport as a whole. We salute them. They are gone but never forgotten. So, it is only fitting that The Daily Star Sport takes this opportunity to now pay its humble tribute to their memories.

Monem Munna
A golden chapter in Bangladesh football had closed on February 12, 2005 with the death of former Bangladesh captain Monem Munna. On the day the sports fraternity woke up with a great sadness on the day that Munna was no more.
It was hard to believe that the football icon, who ruled the pitch like a king during the 80s and 90s, breathed his last just at th

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